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Faculty Members

Name Designation
Dr. Devendra Chaudhary Coordinator
Dr. Doraj Kamal Jamuwa Co-coordinator
Smt. Shikha Gupta Co-coordinator
Dr. Shikha Agarwal Co-coordinator
Sh. Mahesh Manwani Co-coordinator
Sh. Harish Sharma Co-coordinator
Sh. Vinesh Jain Co-coordinator


S. No Name Designation
1 Sh. Nitesh Kumar Suman LDC
2 Sh. Mahendra Singh Godara Lab. Attendant
S.No. Date Title Link
2018OWEB0695 22/10/18 Notice for Revised fee scheduled M.Tech. III,B.Tech. V&VII sem. MBA III sem.MCA V sem. (main,Back,Reback) Exam 2018-19   View
2018OWEB0694 20/10/18 Notice for Revaluation & View Answer Book of M.Tech II & B.Tech. IVSem. (Main-Back-Re-Back) Exam-2018   View
2018OWEB0693 08/10/18 Notice for filling of examination form of M.Tech. III(Main-Back)Exam-2018-19   View
2018OWEB0692 08/10/18 M.Tech-III Sem. CS-Main-All   View
2018OWEB0691 08/10/18 M.Tech-III Sem. DC-Main-All   View
2018OWEB0690 08/10/18 M.Tech-III Sem. PE-Main-All   View
2018OWEB0689 08/10/18 M.Tech-III Sem. CS-Back-All   View
2018OWEB0688 08/10/18 M.Tech-III Sem. DC-Back-All   View
2018OWEB0687 06/10/18 MCA V Sem. Back-All View
2018OWEB0686 04/10/18 B.Tech V Sem. ME-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0685 04/10/18 B.Tech V Sem. ME-Back-All View
2018OWEB0684 28/09/18 Notice for Reval & View Answer Book of MBA II Sem (Main-Back) Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0683 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. Civil-Main-1-35 View
2018OWEB0682 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. Civil-Main-36-End View
2018OWEB0681 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. Civil-Back-All View
2018OWEB0680 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. Civil-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0679 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. CS-Main-1-35 View
2018OWEB0678 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. CS-Main-36-70 View
2018OWEB0677 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. CS-Main-71-End View
2018OWEB0676 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. CS-Back-All View
2018OWEB0675 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. CS-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0674 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ECE-Main-1-30 View
2018OWEB0673 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ECE-Main-31-70 View
2018OWEB0672 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ECE-Main-71-End View
2018OWEB0671 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ECE-Back-All View
2018OWEB0670 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ECE-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0669 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EE-Main-1-30 View
2018OWEB0668 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EE-Main-31-End View
2018OWEB0667 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EE-Back-All View
2018OWEB0666 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EE-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0665 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EIC-Main-1-30 View
2018OWEB0664 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EIC-Main-31-End View
2018OWEB0663 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EIC-Back-All View
2018OWEB0662 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. EIC-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0661 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. IT-Main-1-30 View
2018OWEB0660 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. IT-Main-31-End View
2018OWEB0659 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. IT-Back-All View
2018OWEB0658 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. IT-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0657 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ME-Main-1-45 View
2018OWEB0656 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ME-Main-46-End View
2018OWEB0655 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ME-Back-All View
2018OWEB0654 26/09/18 B.Tech VII Sem. ME-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0653 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. Civil-Main-1-40 View
2018OWEB0652 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. Civil-Main-41-End View
2018OWEB0651 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. Civil-Back-All View
2018OWEB0650 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. Civil-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0649 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. CS-Main-1-35 View
2018OWEB0648 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. CS-Main-36-70 View
2018OWEB0647 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. CS-Main-71-End View
2018OWEB0646 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. CS-Back-All View
2018OWEB0645 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. CS-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0644 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ECE-Main-1-35 View
2018OWEB0643 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ECE-Main-36-70 View
2018OWEB0642 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ECE-Main-71-End View
2018OWEB0641 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ECE-Back-1-30 View
2018OWEB0640 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ECE-Back-31-End View
2018OWEB0639 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ECE-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0638 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. EE-Main-1-30 View
2018OWEB0637 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. EE-Main-31-End View
2018OWEB0636 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. EE-Back-All View
2018OWEB0635 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. EE-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0633 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. EIC-Main-All View
2018OWEB0632 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. EIC-Back-All View
2018OWEB0631 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. IT-Main-1-End View
2018OWEB0630 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem.IT-Back-All View
2018OWEB0629 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. IT-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0628 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ME-Main-1-45 View
2018OWEB0627 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ME-Main-46-End View
2018OWEB0625 26/09/18 B.Tech V Sem. ME-Reback-All View
2018OWEB0624 25/09/18 MBA III Sem. Main-All View
2018OWEB0622 25/09/18 MCA V Sem. Main-All View
2018OWEB0620 25/09/18 Notice for filling of examination form of B.Tech. V & VII Sem. & MBA III Sem. & MCA V Sem. (Main-Back-Re-back) Exam-2018-19 View
2018OWEB0619 24/09/18 Notice for Practical-Sessional Marks filling of PHD.PROGRAMME FOR SESSION 2017-18(MAIN) View
2018OWEB0618 18/09/18 Notice for Reval & View Answer Book of B.Tech II sem (Held with I sem.) & MCA II & IV Sem. (Main-Back-Reback)Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0617 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech VIII Sem (CS)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0616 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech VII Sem (EIC)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0615 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech VI Sem (IT)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0614 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech VI Sem (EIC)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0613 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech VI Sem (EE)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0612 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech VI Sem (CS)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0611 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech V Sem (IT)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0610 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech V Sem (EIC)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0609 30/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech IV Sem (EIC)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0607 28/08/18 Admit Card-B.Tech II Sem (EIC)-Mercy Back-2018 View
2018OWEB0606 23/08/18 Notice for Revaluation and View Answer book-(Copy View) of MBA IV Sem. (Main-Back)Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0605 18/08/18 Notice for marks-filling PH.D Programme for session 2017-18 Ist semester View
2018OWEB0604 18/08/18 Notice for marks-filling PH.D Programme for session 2017-18 Ist semester View
2018OWEB0602 31/07/18 Notice for Revaluation & View Copy of B.Tech VI Sem. (Main-Back-Reback)Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0601 20/07/18 Letter of Unfairmeans case of Even Sem. B.Tech-2018 View
2018OWEB0600 19/07/18 List of Back Improvement - B.Tech. MBA MCA (Mercy Back-2018) I to VIII Sem.-2018-19 View
2018OWEB0599 11/07/18 Letter of Unfairmeans case of B.Tech I, III, V & VII Sem.-2017-18 View
2018OWEB0598 27/06/18 Notice of Marks Filling of MBA IV Sem. & MCA VI Sem. Main & Mercy Back Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0597 12/06/18 Notice for Marks filling of B.Tech II & IV Sem. (Main Back Reback Mercy Back )(back) & B.Tech I Sem (Held with II Sem.)(Back)Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0596 12/06/18 Notice for Marks filling of MBA II Sem. & MCA II & IV Sem.(Main - Mercy Back ) & M.Tech II Sem. (Main - Mercy Back)(Back)Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0595 11/06/18 Notice for Revaluation & View Answer Book (Copy View) of B.Tech VIII Sem. Main, Back, Reback, Mercy Back Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0592 15/05/18 Notice for correction in mark sheets last chance of RTU Instructions View
2018OWEB0588 09/05/18 Notiec for Mercy Back Chance student of B.Tech, MBA & MCA I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIII Sem. (Mercy Back)Exam-2018 View
2018OWEB0488 04/05/18 Exam Fee & Fee Scheduled of Mercy Chance Student B.Tech-MCA-MBA-2018 View
2018OWEB0485 01/05/18 Office Order- Submit the mid-term marks of the current semester in the concerned department View
2018OWEB0484 28/04/18 Notice of Mercy Chance Exam-2018 for B.Tech & MBA, MCA View
2018OWEB0482 25/04/18 Back Improvement List of B.Tech & MCA II & IV Sem.-2018 View
2018OWEB0479 17/04/18 Cancelled holiday on 18.4.2018 due to R.T.U Exam View
2018OWEB0413 03/04/18 Reval_Form-New-2018 View
2018OWEB0412 03/04/18 Application Form Copy View-New-2018 View
2018OWEB0411 24/03/18 Student List Branch Wise of B.Tech. VI, VIII Sem. applied for Back Improvement Exam 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0410 22/03/18 RTU Order- Additional Mercy Chance for B.Tech, MCA MBA View
2018OWEB0336 17/03/18 Office Order-Examination Section of assigned the work TEQIP-Guest Faculty & Guest Faculty & Staff Members for RTU Exam forms View
2018OWEB0328 19/02/18 Back Improvement Form View
2018OWEB0327 16/02/18 Unfairmeans 2017-18 View
2018OWEB0238 31/01/18 Unfairmeans 2017-18 View
2017OWEB0230 16/12/17 Letter of student B.Tech VI Sem. Unfairmeans /Disorderly View
2017OWEB0229 16/12/17 Letter of student B.Tech IV Sem. Unfairmeans / Disorderly View
2017OWEB0228 16/12/17 Letter of student B.Tech II Sem. Unfairmeans / Disorderly View
2017OWEB0011 29/08/17 Unfairmean letter View
2017OWEB0006 17/08/17 Unfairmean letter View
2017OWEB0005 17/08/17 Unfairmean letter View
2017OWEB0004 17/08/17 Unfairmean letter View
2017OWEB0003 17/08/17 Unfairmean letter View
2017OWEB0002 17/08/17 Unfairmean letter View
2017OWEB0001 17/08/17 Unfairmean letter View

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