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Central Library

1. Purchase of books, journals and magazines in consultation with HODs and library committees.
2. Online Journals Administration & renewal.
3. Provide measures to enhance to quality of resources materials in the library and crete a better academic ambiance in the library.
4. Modernization of the institute library including development of E-Library/Digital Library.
5. Disseminate information on available resources and organize programmes on the use of education technology development, educational aids and use other learning resource materials.
6. Most effective utilization of the library resources.
7. Procedures for writing off the obsolete books/learning materials etc.
8. Other related works to the section/committee.

Name Designation
Dr. Indra Rawat Chief Coordinator
Sh. V.P Sharma Lib-Coordinator
Sh. Atul Choudhary Lib-Coordinator
Sh. Sunil Khinchi Lib-Coordinator
Smt. Pratibha Mathur L.D.C.
Sh. D.K Porwal Lib. Attendent
Smt. Snehlata Sharma Lib. Attendent
Smt. Nirupma Katiyar Lib. Attendent
Smt. Seema Sharma Lib. Attendent
Smt. Beena Sharma Lib. Attendent
Sh. Ram Gopal Jat Lib. Attendent

Book facility:

  1. 2 books issued on the cards from the library to all students

  2. 5 books from the book bank to all student in each semester

  3. Extra books from SC/ST book-bank to SC/ST students

  4. 10-15 books from library to faculty

  5. One additional book has been given to student in exam time from book bank or library

Library Books- Present position

Programme No. of Volumes No. of Titles(t) Journal Details National Journal International Journals
HSS(M1) 6512 433 -- -- --
Engineering and Technology(M2) 33660 4600 -- 22 --
Management(M2) 2622 894 -- 4 --
Computer Application(M2) 3784 542 -- -- --
Total(M1+M2) 46578 6289 -- 26 --
Seating capacity of the library 50-55 Students
Reprography facilities Yes (at rate of 50 paisa per page)
Working hours of the library 8.30.AM to 4.30 PM
Library Networking Yes
Total Users of library
Total students 900
Total Faculty 75
Total staff (non tech) 50
Total Users 1025


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