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Master of Business Administration
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About Us

  • The Department of Management Studies offers a 2-year year’s Masters Programme in Business Administration and PhD in various functional areas of Business Administration. The Department is established with the objective of providing conceptual knowledge and practical exposure to the students through curriculum as prescribed by the affiliating University, i.e., Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.
  • The Department has qualified and experienced faculty members specialized in various functional areas of management to impart quality education. The programme offers dual specialization in:

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Human Resource Management

  • Information Technology Management

  • Production and Operations Management

  • Courses Offered

    PhD in Business Administration

    The department is approved Research Centre of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota since 2013 for PhD in Business Administration n different functional area of management viz. General Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Banking. Presently 11 scholars are pursuing PhD with three Research Supervisors in the department.

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    The department also offers two-year (four semesters) Masters Programme in Business Administration. The Department has qualified and experienced faculty members specialized in various streams of management to impart quality education. The programme offers dual specialization in the different functional areas of management viz. Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Production and Operations Management and Information Technology Management as per scheme of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.


    Making students conceptually sound and practically equipped to face every management related problem in any organization where they work thereby radically contributing and fulfilling the expectation of the organizations and the society at large.


  • To provide conceptual knowledge and practical exposure to the students through prescribed curriculum as well as industry-expected inputs additionally.

  • To enhance the inter-personal skills of the students and enable them acquire practical knowledge by attending managerial exercises like industrial interaction programme, personality development programme, guest lectures by various leading industrialists.

  • To provide the best available modern infrastructure and support facilities.

  • To help students in becoming successful entrepreneurs, and remarkable business leaders.

  • To develop the department as a centre of repute for research in Management and relevant inter-disciplinary areas.

  • Faculty

    S. No Name Designation Qualification Office For More Detail
    1 Dr. R. K. MOTWANI Associate Professor & H.O.D Ph.D NB-124(New Building) View
    2 Dr. Amit Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D NB-123(New Building) View
    3 Ms. Anula Gupta Assistant Professor MBA NB-118(New Building) View
    4 Dr. Manish Badlani Assistant Professor Ph.D NB-120(New Building) View
    5 Mr. Pranav S. Pradhan Assistant Professor PGDM View
    6 Mr. Sundeep Kumar Assistant Professor MBA View


    S. No Name Designation
    1 Sh. Amit Kumar L.D.C


    Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Lab:

    This Lab work is designed to make the students of management familiar with the basic concept of working various applications on computer. Lab Sessions relating to MS Word, Developing business presentation with MS-PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Project

    Communication Lab:

    This Lab is designed to make the students of management familiar with the basic fundamentals and importance of communication for managers. This laboratory shall prepare students to learn and acquire necessary communication skills for transacting business and management activities.

    Major Optional Subject Labs:

    The purpose of this lab is to give exposure to students, various computer software relevant to subjects being taught in Dual Majors such as Finance Lab, Marketing Lab, HRM Lab, Operations Lab etc.

    1. Finance Lab: The objective of the Finance Lab is to support applied reading in financial area and equip students with conceptual approach and best practices in financial management that go into the creation and management of innovative financial products.

    2. Marketing Lab: The marketing lab is a facility that supports student learning in the areas of marketing, advertising, digital marketing, and marketing research. The Lab prepares marketing students for their careers leveraging strong relationships with business professionals as well as students and marketing faculty.

    3. HRM Lab: Human resources (HR) software solutions--also called Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) software--make managing a large or growing workforce more efficient.

    Capacity Building Lab:

    This course will focus on overall development and Personality of students by enhancing their communication skills, shaping their attitudes and behaviour and ultimately preparing them for corporate roles.

    Every management programme has to be aimed at enhancing the capacity for employability of the students. Accordingly every institute is encouraged to undertake number of activities to enhance skills of the students, develop qualities of team working and leadership, and improve their overall value-system.

    These additional activities, which include relevant soft-skills, are expected to make our students (who are passing out with an MBA degree) more confident and capable not only of acquitting themselves very well during the job selection processes that they will encounter in the immediate future, but also give them a foundation to perform well in their jobs during the subsequent 5 to 6 years.

    This lab is introduced so that students get an opportunity to exhibit and hone their skills in decision making, leadership, team working and communication.

    S.No. Date Title Link
    2018OWEB0022 05/10/18 First Mid Term Examination Schedule (MBA Sem.III) View
    2018OWEB0021 05/10/18 First Mid term Examination (Sem.I) View
    2018OWEB0020 01/08/18 Admission in MBA - Special Round View
    2018OWEB0019 01/08/18 Time Table MBA Semester III (2018-19) View
    2018OWEB0018 01/08/18 Time Table MBA Semester I (2018-19) View
    2018OWEB0017 18/06/18 Admission in MBA Programme (Session: 2018-19) View
    2018OWEB0012 27/02/18 First Mid Term Examination Schedule (MBA Sem. IV) View
    2018OWEB0010 27/02/18 First Mid Term Examination Schedule (MBA Sem. II) View
    2017OWEB0007 17/11/17 II Mid Term Examination Schedule (MBA Sem. III) View
    2017OWEB0006 17/11/17 II Mid Term Examination Schedule (MBA Sem. I) View
    2017OWEB0005 23/09/17 MBA Sem. III - Notice - First MId Term View
    2017OWEB0004 23/09/17 MBA Sem. I - Notice - First MId Term View

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