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2017OWEB0069 22/09/17 SPORT FEST COMBAT 2K17 Committee Order   View
2017OWEB0068 19/09/17 TA/DA order of Sh. Ajay Dadich, Dr. C.P. Jain, Sh. Mukesh Gupta & Sh. Ajay Agarwal from 22.09.17 to 24.09.17   View
2017OWEB0067 19/09/17 TA/DA Order of Sh. Ravi Goyal from 22.09.17 to 27.09.17   View
2017OWEB0066 19/09/17 TA/Da Order of Sh. Anurag Garg from 22.09.17 to 27.09.17   View
2017OWEB0064 16/09/17 TA order of Sh. Vinod Kr. Verma and 8 students   View
2017OWEB0063 16/09/17 Order regarding Guest Faculty Attendance   View
2017OWEB0060 15/09/17 Order No. 257 Election Duty of Sh. Dilip Gehlot   View
2017OWEB0059 15/09/17 TA ORDER OF DR. Ranjan Maheshwari on 24.08.2017   View
2017OWEB0058 08/09/17 Order for Scrap Answer Books and Items View
2017OWEB0057 07/09/17 order for work distribution (Registrar/Establishment Section) View
2017OWEB0056 07/09/17 Order for Accounts Section Timing Change View
2017OWEB0055 05/09/17 PL Encashment Order 2017-18 View
2017OWEB0054 05/09/17 Minutes of Meeting Held on 30.08.2017 at Principal Chambe View
2017OWEB0053 04/09/17 Revised TA/DA ORDER OF DR. ANKUR PAREEK on 19.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0052 04/09/17 TA ORDER OF DR. ANKUR PAREEK, from 05.09.2017 to 06.09.2017 View
2017OWEB0051 04/09/17 TA ORDER OF Sh. Satyanarayan from 18.09.2017 to 23.09.2017 View
2017OWEB0050 04/09/17 Minutes of Meeting held on 28.08.2017 at Principal Chamber View
2017OWEB0049 30/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF Sh. Satyanarayan dt. 29.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0048 30/08/17 Order for IT Cell View
2017OWEB0047 29/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF Sh. Prakash Meena from 01.08.2017 to 05.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0046 28/08/17 Order for “Freshers 2K17 and Teachers Day Celebration” View
2017OWEB0044 28/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF Ms. P. Trivedi on 17.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0043 28/08/17 Order for Non teaching Staff to attendance in the concerned department's /sections View
2017OWEB0042 26/08/17 Order for All Hod's and Registrar to attend the meeting at principal chamber on 30.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0041 26/08/17 Order for All Hod's and Registrar to attend the meeting at principal chamber on 28.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0040 26/08/17 Order for Revised Administrative Committee View
2017OWEB0039 26/08/17 Order of Sh. Ajay Dadich from 13.11.17 to 19.11.17 View
2017OWEB0038 26/08/17 Order of Sh. Anand Bansal View
2017OWEB0037 26/08/17 Order No. 230 dt. 26.08.2017 for Orientation Programme of Guest Faculty on 27.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0035 26/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF Ms. Neetu Sharma on 08.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0034 23/08/17 Order for teachin and non teaching staff to create and use of Domin I.D. View
2017OWEB0033 21/08/17 reliving order of Ms. Neetu Sharma, Sh. Sameer Mehrish and Sh. Nitin kr. Bhati View
2017OWEB0032 21/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF Sh. C.P. Jain on 31.07.2017 View
2017OWEB0031 21/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF Dr. R.K. Motwani, Dr. Amit Sharma, Dr. Manish Badlani ON 08.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0030 18/08/17 order of Dr. D.K. Jamuwa for Ph.D. Coordinator View
2017OWEB0029 18/08/17 order of Dr. Ankur Pareek on 19.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0028 18/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF Dr. Umashankar Modani ON 17.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0027 18/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF SH. Rakesh Kumar Sharma ON 18.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0026 18/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF SH. Budhiprakash Gadwal and others ON 18.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0025 18/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF SH. Alok Khatri and Sh. Sameer Mehrish ON 16.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0024 11/08/17 Cancellation order (Orientation Programme for Guest Faculty) View
2017OWEB0023 11/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF SH. MUKESH GUPTA ON 10.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0022 11/08/17 Order for R.O., Aquaguard and water cooler maintenance (Order No. 212 dt. 11.08.2017) View
2017OWEB0021 11/08/17 Order regarding college information for best performance award View
2017OWEB0020 10/08/17 Circular regarding An Orientation Programme for Guest Faculty View
2017OWEB0019 10/08/17 Order for 15 August 2017 View
2017OWEB0018 09/08/17 MBA and MCA Direct Admission Advertisement View
2017OWEB0017 09/08/17 condolence on 09-08-2017 View
2017OWEB0016 09/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF MS. JYOTI GAGRANI ON 05.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0015 09/08/17 Order no. 208 dt. 08.08.2017 for all orders are available in college website View
2017OWEB0014 09/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF DR. REKHA MEHRA, DR. DEEPAK JHANWAR, DR. C.P. JAIN ON 05.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0013 08/08/17 Order No. 205 dt. 08.08.2017 for Lab/Lib attendant View
2017OWEB0012 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF DR. RAKESH RATHI ON 08.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0010 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF TEQIP-III OFFICERS ON 02.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0009 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF DR. U.S. MODANI ON 05.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0008 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF DR. SANDESH TRIVEDI ON 29.07.2017 View
2017OWEB0007 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF DR. AMIT CHATURVEDI ON 05.08.2017 View
2017OWEB0005 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF SH. H.S. MEWARA ON 31.07.2017 View
2017OWEB0004 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF DR. REKHA MEHRA ON 31.07.2017 View
2017OWEB0003 08/08/17 TA/DA ORDER OF DR. U.S. MODANI ON 31.07.2017 View
2017OWEB0002 04/08/17 Office order for Desktop Computer View
2017OWEB0001 03/08/17 Pay Increment 2017 for Faculty View

Establishment Section Members

Name Designation
Dr. Rekha Mehra Registrar
Sh. Mukesh Gupta DR (Establishment)
Sh. Atul Vajpai AR (Establishment)
Sh. Deepak Kumar Clerk

Administration Section Members

Name Designation
Sh. Vivek Dubey DR (Administration)
Sh. Atul Vajpai AR (Administration)

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