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Faculty Members

Name Designation
Dr. Rekha Mehra Coordinator
Dr. Doraj Kamal Jamuwa Co-coordinator
Smt. Shikha Gupta Co-coordinator
Dr. Shikha Agarwal Co-coordinator
Sh. Mahesh Manwani Co-coordinator
Sh. Harish Sharma Co-coordinator
Sh. Vinesh Jain Co-coordinator


S. No Name Designation
1 Sh. Nitesh Kumar Suman LDC
2 Sh. Mahendra Singh Godara Lab. Attendant
Sno Date Title Link
2019WEB1017 2019-09-0319/08/19 Revised Notice RTU Revaluation & Copy View of B.Tech. VI sem. (Main- Back- Reback)Exam 2018-19   View
2019WEB0967 2019-08-2207/08/19 Notice Rtu Revaluation/Copy View B.Tech. VI sem. Exam 2018-19 View
2019WEB0927 2019-08-1601/08/19 Notice for deposited of Makrs sheet of B.Tech III Sem.(Main) Exam-2018-19.jpg View
2019WEB0899 2019-08-1329/07/19 Notice for Revaluation & Copy view BTU M.Tech. II Sem Main Exam 2018-19 View
2019WEB0872 2019-08-0622/07/19 Notice for BTU, Bikaner Reval & Copy View of B.Tech I Sem. (Back), MBA & MCA II (Main) Exam-2018-19.pdf View
2019WEB0857 2019-08-0319/07/19 Notice for BTU, Bikaner Reval & Copy View of B.Tech II Sem. (Main) Exam-2018-19.pdf View
2019WEB0856 2019-08-0319/07/19 Notice for BTU, Bikaner Reval & Copy View of B.Tech II Sem. (Main) Exam-2018-19.pdf View
2019WEB0739 2019-07-1227/06/19 Notice for RTU Awards filling of B.Tech, M.Tech. MBA & MCA II & IV Sem. (Main, Re-back, Mercy back) Exam 2018-19 View
2019WEB0710 2019-07-1126/06/19 Latter of Unfair-means Case of B.Tech II, IV & VI Sem. and MCA IV Sem.(Exam)-2018-19 View
2019WEB0700 2019-07-0419/06/19 Notice for RTU Awards filling MCA VI Sem. (Main, Re-back, Mercy back) Exam 2018-19 View
2019WEB0663 2019-06-2611/06/19 BTU- Notice for Practical Sessional Marks of B.TECH. I Sem.(Back) Exam-2019 View
2019WEB0649 2019-06-2207/06/19 B.Tech.VIII Sem ( Main,Back,Reback ) Revaluation,View Answer- Book ( Copy View )_1 View
2019WEB0712 2019-06-1601/06/19 Award filling of BTU Bikaner, M.Tech, B.Tech., MBA, MCA II Sem. (Main) Exam-2018-19 View
2019WEB0646 2019-05-3116/05/19 Notice regarding B.Tech. VI & VIII sem. Marks filling View
2019WEB0640 2019-05-3015/05/19 Notice for Award filling of B.Tech VI & VIII Sem. (M-B-Re-B)Exam-2018-19 View
2019WEB0587 2019-05-1803/05/19 All the heads of Departments are requested to submit the names of students View
2019WEB0519 2019-05-1803/05/19 ADMIT CARD RTU MBA IV SEM MAIN EXAM 2019 1-END View
2019WEB0360 2019-03-2308/03/19 BTU Copy View form View
2019WEB0352 2019-03-2005/03/19 BTU Revaluation Form-2018-19 View
2019WEB0216 2019-03-0114/02/19 Unfairmean case letter of B.Tech I, III, V & VII Sem. Exam-2018-19 View
2019WEB0170 2019-02-1601/02/19 Unfairmean case letter of Maneesh Meena View
2019WEB0169 2019-02-1601/02/19 Unfairmean Case letter of Shubham Mishra View
2018OWEB0961 2019-01-0117/12/18 Latter of Unfair-means Case of B.Tech II Sem.2017-18 (Main-Back)-2018 View
2018OWEB0767 2018-12-0217/11/18 Notice for Exam Duty Replacement format View
2018OWEB0601 2018-08-0420/07/18 Letter of Unfairmeans case of Even Sem. B.Tech-2018 View
2018OWEB0413 2018-04-1803/04/18 Reval_Form-New-2018 View
2018OWEB0412 2018-04-1803/04/18 Application Form Copy View-New-2018 View
2018OWEB0336 2018-04-0117/03/18 Office Order-Examination Section of assigned the work TEQIP-Guest Faculty & Guest Faculty & Staff Members for RTU Exam forms View

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