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"A" Grade Engineering College

National Innovation and Startup Policy


To create technology based startups and thousands of employment opportunity in ECA within 05 years by developing strong innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the campus with ecosystem enablers and stakeholders at regional, national and international level.


To develop a dynamic startup ecosystem that can create and encourage students and faculty to innovate and implement their ideas to establish enterprise driven business with the help of Government, industries and peer institutions.

Short term objectives

  1. To assist student groups to prototype their innovative ideas.
  2. To promote innovation, creative and design thinking among student and faculty community.
  3. To facilitate development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the organization.
  4. To promote entrepreneurial culture by organizing more number of relevant FDP, STTP, seminars and workshops
  5. To support and develop minimum of 10 startups with all amenities.

Long term objectives

  1. To extend a dedicated support to Indian based start-ups developing innovative technology solutions for serving basic needs in our society.
  2. To encourage the stakeholders of ECA to work on innovative commercial products based projects that will serve the needs of our nation.
  3. To provide a platform for young students to develop products with global recognition that can generate business opportunities.
  4. To engage start up by providing opportunity to explore more on consultancy activities.
  5. To spread awareness to students and faculty on research and IPR activities

Sno Date Title Link
2021WEB1077 2021-11-2611/11/21 Conduct of awareness program for NISP View
2021WEB0567 2021-06-2005/06/21 Notification for National Innovation and Startup Policy for students and faculty of ECA View

Committee Members

Name Designation
Sh. Harish Kumar Sharma Coordinator NISP at HEI level
Dr. R. K.Motwani Member
Sh. Vinod Verma Member
Sh. S. N. Tazi Member
Dr. Neetu Sharna Member
Sh. R. S. Choyal External Members from Industry
Sh. Rajeev Toshniwal External Members from Industry
Sh. Vikas Sharma Student Member
Sh. Harshit Gupta Student Member


Sno Date Title Link
1 24th May, 2021 National Innovation and Startup Policy for faculty and students (NISP-2021) View