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"A" Grade Engineering College

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Sno Date Title Link
2021WEB1100 2021-12-0520/11/21 Notice View
2021WEB0965 2021-10-1227/09/21 Notice Transportation View
2020WEB0029 2020-01-2005/01/20 College Bus Timings From 06/01/2020 View
2020WEB0026 2020-01-1904/01/20 College Bus Timings From 06/01/2020 View
2019WEB1191 2019-10-0823/09/19 College Bus Timings From 24/09/2019 View
2019WEB1137 2019-10-0217/09/19 Notice Transportation View
2019WEB0831 2019-08-0218/07/19 Bus Timings for 2019-20 View
2019WEB0830 2019-08-0218/07/19 Bus Timings for 2019-20 View
2019WEB0829 2019-08-0218/07/19 Bus Fee Notice for 2019-20 View
2019WEB0317 2019-03-3116/03/19 Bus Route Chart Tarangini 16th March 2019 View
2018OWEB0023 2018-12-2813/12/18 Bus Fee Notice (Even Sem 2018-19) View
2018OWEB0022 2018-09-2914/09/18 Notice for College Drivers View
2018OWEB0021 2018-09-2207/09/18 Bus Timings for Fresher Day 07 Sep 2018 View
2018OWEB0020 2018-08-1430/07/18 College Bus Fee Date Extension Notice View
2018OWEB0019 2018-08-0117/07/18 College Bus Timings for 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0018 2018-07-2409/07/18 Bus Registration Link for 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0017 2018-07-2409/07/18 Bus Fee Notice for 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0016 2018-05-2308/05/18 College Bus Timings During RTU Exam of IInd & IVth Sem 2017-18 View
2018OWEB0015 2018-03-2106/03/18 Bus Route Chart for Tarangini 2018 at Jawahar Rangmanch View
2017OWEB0014 2018-01-1904/01/18 How to Pay College Bus Fee by SBI-ICollect (Video tutorial) View
2017OWEB0013 2018-01-1702/01/18 Bus Fee Notice View
2017OWEB0012 2017-12-2510/12/17 College Bus Timings During RTU Exam of 1st & IIIrd Sem 2017-18 at GWECA View
2017OWEB0011 2017-10-0924/09/17 Bus Route Chart for Sports Day (25th to 27th Sep 2017) View
2017OWEB0010 2017-09-1904/09/17 BUS ROUTE FOR FRESHERS 2017 (ONLY FOR GIRLS) View
2017OWEB0009 2017-08-3116/08/17 College Bus Timings w.e.f. 17 Aug 2017 View
2017OWEB0008 2017-08-1702/08/17 College Bus Timings w.e.f. 03 Aug 2017 View
2017OWEB0007 2017-08-1702/08/17 College Bus Form (OFFLINE REGISTRATION) View
2017OWEB0006 2017-08-1702/08/17 College Bus Pick-UP Points View
2017OWEB0005 2017-08-1702/08/17 College Bus Rules View
2017OWEB0004 2017-08-1702/08/17 College Bus SKS & On Paid Basis Form View
2017OWEB0003 2017-08-1702/08/17 College Bus SKS & On Paid Basis Details View
2017OWEB0002 2017-08-1702/08/17 Step by Step Procedure to pay Transport Fee View
2017OWEB0001 2017-08-1702/08/17 How to Register for Bus Facility View

Name Designation
Sh. Vinod Kumar Verma Incharge
Sh. Subhas Kumar Astt. Incharge