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Creative Art Society

1. Organizing the Annual Festival "Tarangini"

2. Other Cultural events on Different occasions

3. To coordinate and organize programs of renowned artists

4. To encourage students participate in Creative Art Activities/College events

Name Designation
Dr. Saroj Lakhawat Convener
Sh. Lalit K Dusad Coordinator
Dr. Shikha Agarwal Coordinator
Dr. Anil Maheshwari Coordinator
Dr. Shalini Walia Coordinator
Sno Date Title Link
2021WEB0443 2021-04-3015/04/21 Result Poster-Gandhi Ji -10-4-21 View
2021WEB0439 2021-04-2712/04/21 giBS Intercollege Annual Cult Fest 23,24 April 21 View
2021WEB0201 2021-02-2813/02/21 English Essay competition View
2021WEB0196 2021-02-2712/02/21 English Essay Competition
2020WEB0970 2020-10-1702/10/20 Result of Hindi Essay Competition View
2020WEB0969 2020-10-1702/10/20 Result of Hindi Essay Competition View
2020WEB0942 2020-10-0924/09/20 Online Literary Activities View
2020WEB0913 2020-09-3015/09/20 Result of Technical PPT on the occasion of Engineers' day View
2020WEB0888 2020-09-2308/09/20 Technical paper presentation on the ocassion fo ENGINEERS' DAY View
2020WEB0182 2020-02-1329/01/20 DEBATE COMPETITION View
2020WEB0176 2020-02-1329/01/20 Seminar View
2020WEB0171 2020-02-1228/01/20 Seminar View
2020WEB0150 2020-02-1127/01/20 screning for debate competition View
2020WEB0147 2020-02-1127/01/20 Invitation View
2020WEB0146 2020-02-1127/01/20 Invitation View
2020WEB0140 2020-02-0622/01/20 Programme on 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Ji View
2020WEB0058 2020-01-2409/01/20 Vikram Sarabhai Shatabdi Karyakram View
2019WEB1659 2020-01-0521/12/19 show of documentary on Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhiji View
2019WEB1516 2019-12-1025/11/19 70th anniversary of indian constitution View
2019WEB1409 2019-11-1904/11/19 Notice for celebrating National education day View
2019WEB1408 2019-11-1904/11/19 Notice for Inter college compitition View
2019WEB1407 2019-11-1904/11/19 Notice for Expert Lecture on Thalassemia View
2019WEB1318 2019-10-2510/10/19 CAS VOLUNTEERS 2019-20 View
2019WEB1316 2019-10-2510/10/19 Freshers day invitation View
2019WEB1306 2019-10-2409/10/19 Anchors result View
2019WEB1295 2019-10-2106/10/19 Freshers Day Celebration View
2019WEB1259 2019-10-1530/09/19 BLOOD DONATION CAMP & LINK FOR SANKALP PATRA View
2019WEB1250 2019-10-1328/09/19 Blood donation camp View
2019WEB1243 2019-10-1328/09/19 Notice for students View
2019WEB1242 2019-10-1328/09/19 Notice for students View
2019WEB1241 2019-10-1328/09/19 Notice for students View
2019WEB1229 2019-10-1126/09/19 Expert lecture View
2019WEB1216 2019-10-0924/09/19 Further details of Notice for Literary Activities View
2019WEB1215 2019-10-0924/09/19 details of previous uploaded attachment View
2019WEB1214 2019-10-0924/09/19 details of previous uploaded attachment View
2019WEB1213 2019-10-0924/09/19 Notice for Literary Activities View
2019WEB1095 2019-09-2005/09/19 Circular for Teachers Day View
2019WEB1060 2019-09-1228/08/19 Entries for inter college competition View
2019WEB1059 2019-09-1228/08/19 Entries for inter college competition View
2019WEB0951 2019-08-2308/08/19 invitation View
2019WEB0950 2019-08-2308/08/19 invitation View
2019WEB0949 2019-08-2308/08/19 invitation View
2019WEB0937 2019-08-2005/08/19 8 August Program schedule on the occasion of 150th birth year celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Ji View
2019WEB0930 2019-08-1803/08/19 Results of events of 3/8/19 View
2019WEB0901 2019-08-1531/07/19 Revised notice of various programs on the occasion of 150 th berth anniversary celebration of Gandhi Ji View
2019WEB0882 2019-08-1329/07/19 CAS COORDINATORS FOR THE SESSION 2019 - 20 View
2019WEB0828 2019-08-0117/07/19 Notice for competitions View
2019WEB0812 2019-07-3116/07/19 invitation card for exhibition View
2019WEB0806 2019-07-3015/07/19 Invitation for Exhibition View
2019WEB0805 2019-07-3015/07/19 Selection of CAS Coordinators View
2019WEB0299 2019-03-2712/03/19 Invitation For Tarangini2K19 View
2019WEB0270 2019-03-1427/02/19 Notice Regarding Coordinators of tarangini2K19 View
2019WEB0252 2019-03-1124/02/19 Notice Regarding call for coordinator and volunteer Trangini2K19 View
2019WEB0251 2019-03-1124/02/19 Notice Regarding call for coordinator and volunteer View
2019WEB0010 2019-01-2712/01/19 Program from Vivekanand Kendra View
2019WEB0009 2019-01-2712/01/19 Inter College Cultural Fest View
2019WEB0008 2019-01-2510/01/19 Regarding Poster Making Competition View
2019WEB0007 2019-01-2510/01/19 Regarding Poster Making Competition View
2019WEB0006 2019-01-2510/01/19 Regarding Poster Making Competition View
2018OWEB0136 2019-01-0622/12/18 Regarding show of Flim on Mahatma Gandhiji View
2018OWEB0135 2018-12-2308/12/18 Regarding celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi ji View
2018OWEB0134 2018-10-2914/10/18 Result of various events held on 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi View
2018OWEB0133 2018-10-2914/10/18 Result of essay Compitation held on engineer's Day View
2018OWEB0132 2018-10-2914/10/18 Hindi Diwas Written quiz View
2018OWEB0131 2018-10-1429/09/18 Notice Regarding Gandhi Jaynti View
2018OWEB0130 2018-10-1227/09/18 Schedule Combat 2K18 View
2018OWEB0128 2018-10-1227/09/18 Photography Coordinators View
2018OWEB0127 2018-09-2712/09/18 Hindi Divas View
2018OWEB0126 2018-09-2712/09/18 Engineers Day celebrations View
2018OWEB0125 2018-09-2106/09/18 Notice Regarding Refershment Coupans for 1st and 2nd year View
2018OWEB0124 2018-09-2106/09/18 Invitation For Freshers and teachers day celebrations View
2018OWEB0123 2018-09-2106/09/18 Invitation For Freshers and teachers day celebrations View
2018OWEB0122 2018-09-1601/09/18 Freshers coordinators View
2018OWEB0121 2018-09-1601/09/18 CAS Coordinators 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0120 2018-09-1430/08/18 Result of Anchoring View
2018OWEB0118 2018-09-1127/08/18 Auditions Schedule For Fresher's Day Celebration View
2018OWEB0116 2018-09-0925/08/18 Form for Fresher's Coordinators View
2018OWEB0114 2018-09-0218/08/18 Fresher's Registration View
2018OWEB0112 2018-04-2308/04/18 Ambedkar Jayanti Program on 9th April View
2018OWEB0111 2018-04-2207/04/18 Notice Regarding B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti View
2018OWEB0110 2018-04-1026/03/18 Rajasthani Kavi Sammelan View
2018OWEB0109 2018-03-2409/03/18 Result of wall painting View
2018OWEB0108 2018-03-2207/03/18 Event Schedule For Techno-Cultural Fest 2K18 View
2018OWEB0107 2018-03-2106/03/18 Invitation For Techno-Cultural Fest 2K18 View
2018OWEB0105 2018-03-2106/03/18 Result Of Card Making View
2018OWEB0104 2018-03-2106/03/18 Result of poster making competition View
2018OWEB0103 2018-03-2106/03/18 Result of on the spot poetry View
2018OWEB0102 2018-03-2106/03/18 Kavi Sammelan Invitation ( For Teaching / Non-Teaching ) View
2018OWEB0101 2018-03-1528/02/18 CAS Coordinators View
2018OWEB0100 2018-03-1528/02/18 Tarangini Coordinators 2K18 View
2018OWEB0099 2018-03-1528/02/18 Tarangini Volunteers 2K18 View
2018OWEB0098 2018-03-1528/02/18 Result Of Singing View
2018OWEB0097 2018-03-1528/02/18 Result Of Celeb Style View
2018OWEB0096 2018-03-1427/02/18 Result Of Group Dance View
2018OWEB0095 2018-03-1427/02/18 Result Of English Debate View
2018OWEB0094 2018-03-1427/02/18 Result Of Anchoring Round 2 View
2018OWEB0093 2018-03-1326/02/18 Result Of Celeb Style View
2018OWEB0092 2018-03-1326/02/18 Result Of fillers View
2018OWEB0091 2018-03-1326/02/18 Result Of Singing Round 1 View
2018OWEB0090 2018-03-1326/02/18 Result Of PPT Competition View
2018OWEB0089 2018-03-1326/02/18 List Of Volunteer For Technotsav 2K18 View
2018OWEB0087 2018-03-1225/02/18 Fine Art Events Schedule View
2018OWEB0085 2018-03-1124/02/18 Result Of Anchoring Round 1 View
2018OWEB0084 2018-03-1124/02/18 Fine Art Coordinators View
2018OWEB0083 2018-03-1124/02/18 Student Antakshari Revised Notice View
2018OWEB0078 2018-03-1124/02/18 List Of Coordinators For Technotsav 2K18 View
2018OWEB0077 2018-03-1023/02/18 Notice Regarding Wall painting View
2018OWEB0076 2018-03-1023/02/18 Notice Regarding Student Antakshari View
2018OWEB0075 2018-03-0922/02/18 Notice Regarding Kavi Sammelan View
2018OWEB0074 2018-03-0922/02/18 Revised Notice Regarding Audition Schedule View
2018OWEB0071 2018-03-0922/02/18 Result Of English Extempore View
2018OWEB0070 2018-03-0922/02/18 Result Of Hindi Extempore View
2018OWEB0069 2018-03-0821/02/18 Revised Notice Of English Debate View
2018OWEB0068 2018-03-0821/02/18 Result Of Hindi Debate View
2018OWEB0067 2018-03-0619/02/18 Call for Technostav Coordinator&Volunteer View
2018OWEB0065 2018-03-0417/02/18 Literary Events View
2018OWEB0064 2018-02-2409/02/18 Notice Regarding Poster Making Competition View
2018OWEB0063 2018-02-2409/02/18 Notice Regarding Debate Competition Revised View
2018OWEB0062 2018-02-2207/02/18 Notice Regarding Audition For Anchoring View
2018OWEB0061 2018-02-2207/02/18 Notice Regarding aashu kaavy rachana View
2018OWEB0060 2018-02-2207/02/18 Notice Regarding Roko Thalassemia campaign View
2018OWEB0059 2018-02-2207/02/18 Notice Regarding Extempore View
2018OWEB0058 2018-02-2207/02/18 Notice Regarding Hindi Debate View
2018OWEB0056 2018-02-2207/02/18 TechFest Faculty Coordinator Response View
2018OWEB0049 2018-02-1127/01/18 Notice for Tarangini 2k18 Volunteers View
2018OWEB0048 2018-02-1127/01/18 Notice for Tarangini 2k18 Coordinators View
2018OWEB0047 2018-02-0723/01/18 Result : Poster Making Competition on Voter's Awareness View
2018OWEB0046 2018-02-0319/01/18 Notice Regarding Tarangini Volunteer View
2018OWEB0045 2018-02-0319/01/18 Notice Regarding Tarangini Coordinators View
2018OWEB0044 2018-02-0319/01/18 Poster Making Competition View
2017OWEB0043 2017-11-1702/11/17 Result of Eassy competition View
2017OWEB0042 2017-11-1702/11/17 Result of Debate competition View
2017OWEB0041 2017-11-1228/10/17 Notice regarding oath on National Integration shall View
2017OWEB0040 2017-11-1228/10/17 Notice regarding Debate competition View
2017OWEB0039 2017-11-1228/10/17 Notice Regarding eassy competition View
2017OWEB0038 2017-11-1228/10/17 Notice regarding "History of Yoga " View
2017OWEB0037 2017-09-2914/09/17 Invitation of exhibitions engineers Day View
2017OWEB0036 2017-09-2914/09/17 Result of Hindi Speech Competition View
2017OWEB0035 2017-09-2914/09/17 Result Of Essay Competition View
2017OWEB0034 2017-09-2914/09/17 Invitation Regarding Engineers Day celebration View
2017OWEB0033 2017-09-1904/09/17 Invitation View
2017OWEB0029 2017-09-1601/09/17 CAS Adviser 2017-18 View
2017OWEB0028 2017-09-1601/09/17 Notice Regarding exhibition of sketches& paintings View
2017OWEB0027 2017-09-1601/09/17 Notice Regarding Dress code For Freshers 2k17 View
2017OWEB0025 2017-09-1228/08/17 Result of Mr./Miss Freshers Final Round View
2017OWEB0023 2017-09-1026/08/17 Result Of Dancing Round II View
2017OWEB0022 2017-09-1026/08/17 Result Of Any Other Talent Round II View
2017OWEB0021 2017-09-1026/08/17 Result Of Singing Round II View
2017OWEB0020 2017-09-1026/08/17 Result Of Anchoring Round II View
2017OWEB0017 2017-09-1026/08/17 Mr./Miss Freshers Result View
2017OWEB0016 2017-09-0824/08/17 Result of Any Other Talent View
2017OWEB0015 2017-09-0824/08/17 Anchoring Result Round 1 View
2017OWEB0014 2017-09-0824/08/17 Dancing Result Round 1 View
2017OWEB0012 2017-09-0723/08/17 Result of singing First Round View
2017OWEB0011 2017-09-0723/08/17 Hindi diwas View
2017OWEB0009 2017-09-0622/08/17 Essay competition View
2017OWEB0008 2017-09-0622/08/17 Notice Regarding Auditions View
2017OWEB0007 2017-09-0622/08/17 Fresher`s Coordinators View
2017OWEB0004 2017-09-0218/08/17 Revised Notice View
2017OWEB0002 2017-08-2611/08/17 Registration For Freshers Day View
2017OWEB0001 2017-08-2611/08/17 Notice regrading Engineers day Celebration View

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