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Dr. Rohit Misra

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Presently, technical education necessitates to keep pace with the emerging needs of humankind and concomitant rapid developments in technology that emphasize the diversification of the undergraduate courses and dissemination of the knowledge therein, so as to cater to the needs of future generation.
  Located on the pristine outskirts of holy city of Ajmer which is acclaimed as city of communal harmony and thronged by tourists from all over the world, Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer was established in 1997. It has been our constant endeavour to excel and succeed so as to enable students to carve a niche for themselves and develop a profound academic and compassionate learning culture. Bestowed with academic-oriented and dedicated faculty-members, our institution facilitates the students highly competitive and academic ambience, thus fostering intellectual breakthroughs. The emphasis on comprehensive understanding of their chosen engineering discipline along with hands on experience as well as impressive placements and extra-curricular activities imbibing social and national commitments render our institution as the right place for the students to gear up with a world class competitive edge.

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