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"A" Grade Engineering College

Sno Date Title Link
2022WEB0877 2022-10-3015/10/22 INCHARGE INSTITUTE LEVEL FILES View
2022WEB0876 2022-10-2813/10/22 Accreditation Letter View
2022WEB0875 2022-10-2813/10/22 MINUTES OF MEETING 3 July 2021 View
2022WEB0874 2022-10-2813/10/22 LETTER OF APPRECIATION View
2022WEB0873 2022-10-2813/10/22 committee for NBA View
2022WEB0872 2022-10-2813/10/22 Minutes of Meeting 5 MARCH 2020 with Prof Shiv Prakash Chairman BOG View
2022WEB0871 2022-10-2813/10/22 departmental presentation for NBA in front of Chairman Sir on 17 March 2020 View
2019WEB1642 2019-12-2712/12/19 Meeting with Prof PHALLE View
2019WEB0748 2019-07-1702/07/19 Schedule of NBA Workshop on Outcome Based Education View

Name Designation
Dr. Amit Sharma Coordinator
Dr. Sandesh Trivedi Coordinator
Dr. Suresh Sahu Coordinator
Dr. Anil Maheshwari Coordinator
Sh. Dilip Sisodia Coordinator
Dr. Neetu Sharma Coordinator